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This podcast is exactly as the name suggests! We are Bantu, and we are gonna talk your ear off. We're a couple of young adult Black Americans trying to survive in media-focused fields. Just like you, we are beginning to see just how insane this world can get. Boy do we have a lot of say about it.

We're a comedic, discussion podcast. We discuss movies, television, pop-culture, music, politics, and whatever pops into our heads. Some times we're all laughs and some times things get real.

Please feel free to submit topics, Bantus of the Day, and Personal Stories for our monthly Story Time episodes!

Bantucentric is a product of ImagineOnly Productions AND Gifted sounds Network.


Buck Rivers

Buck Rivers is a Producer for film and visual effects. He is the founder of ImagineOnly Productions, and is currently producing the Proof-of-Concept for the upcoming Science Fiction adventure film, The Dragons of Melgor.


Cheyenne Finch

Cheyenne Finch is a sports personality on Youtube as well as the Content Producer for Sideline Source. She has worked with multiple media companies including FOX Sports Radio, Dodgers Nation, Spectrum Sports Net, and NBC.

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